Acknowledgement of Accuracy Limitations and Intended Uses for GIS Data

It is the intent of the County of Tuolumne that the Web-based GIS mapping resources be the most accurate and useful we can create and maintain. However, it is very important you understand the limitations of the information you are accessing. For example, many of our data sets available through these map pages are based on parcel data. The parcel data is derived from the Assessor’s Parcels, which may or may not represent legal parcels. The shapes, angles, and dimensions of these parcels are not exact, and only legally recorded parcel maps should be used for any measurement or design work, not Assessor’s Parcels or the parcel data sets found herein. Updating of the parcel data occurs on a periodic basis, and there can be a delay in adding new divisions, mergers or boundary adjustments to the parcel data set.

If you suspect the data shown by a GIS mapping tool is not correct for any reason, contact the Community Development Department for verification or other assistance as soon as possible.

It is also important to understand the relationship of the General Plan and Zoning Districts. Our General Plan Land Use Designations and Zoning Districts map viewer shows both, and for most parcels, they are in conformance with each other. There are some parcels that currently have zoning districts that would normally allow a type or density of development that the parcelís Land Use Designation does not. We will eventually rezone that parcel to be compatible with the Land Use Designation, but that may not have occurred yet. Check the link below for more information about Land Use Designation/Zoning compatibility, or contact us for any questions.

Prior to using the mapping tools, review the below links for more detailed information about the major data sets found on our map pages:

General Plan
Supervisorial Districts

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